Green Capacity Planning

Cost effective data center energy, space and capacity planning supports the bottom line and promotes better use of our limited natural resources! Our solutions quantify risk, identify mitigation strategies, reduce costs and implement best practices to reduce dependency on external expertise.

Green Capacity Planning and Performance Engineering services along with state-of-the art software from our partners to provide the plan for extending data center lifetime through technology and innovation including Cloud and Internet of Things.

In 2011, we joined forces with Dr. Connie Smith of L&S Computer Technology to automate performance models of Real Time Embedded Systems. Our plan includes automatic generation of models from UML or XMI formats in the Eclipse development environment. In 2017, We are extending this capability to performance modeling for the Internet of Things (IoT). Stay tuned for more information and check for our new website.

We also support the Performance Engineering Services Division where we provide training and consulting on Software Performance Engineering for L&S Computer Technology.


Solutions for Data Center Efficiency:

  • Identify Cloud Resource Utilization Options
  • Reduce costs
  • Extend data center lifetime
  • Provide "Energy Footprint Projections"
  • Optimize capacity utilization