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The Cost of Performance: Evolving the Capacity Planning Practice

What's most important to your business, the performance of IT systems or the cost, or the value? How do you report performance, cost & value to your executives? How does the cost of performance engineering impact the delivery of business services? Executives listen when we describe the results of our performance analysis in terms of dollars and the impact to the bottom line. In this paper, we apply a structured methodology and a set of metrics to evaluate cost, value & performance in a case study for a large financial institution. How does cost effect best execution environment choices? Who understands the value of the business service? How is it measured? We propose some simple metrics to compare: infrastructure & development dollars per transaction, revenue per transaction, transaction response time & describe the process and style for communicating these metrics up to the executive suite.

Don't Put That Thing on our IoT System: SPE for IoT

As the Internet of Things becomes increasingly more utilized, a mainstay for IT, developers and architects are seeing how very different these infrastructures are from any other cloud based or virtual application. As software performance engineering professionals, we know the constraints, effort and objections to building design-stage models, but now is the time for embedding SPE in the development lifecycle. With IoT come architectural and design decisions regarding data analysis and storage, security and encryption, best processing placement: at the edge vs. the core vs. the cloud and network constraints. This paper/presentation presents an automated methodology for translating model-based engineering designs into performance models that can be used to predict performance and evaluate design alternatives early in the lifecycle. For demonstration, we include a case study based on a sensor network application that requires encryption to prevent security breaches. The key to the successful implementation of this system is the automated translation of the design into performance models that evaluate software decisions and hardware infrastructure options.


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